Knee Pain Exercises

Included are many video demonstrations of exercises and strategies that have worked very well for many of my clients as well as hundreds of other clients who are treated with the directional preference assessment and treatment approach.

The content provided is evidence-based and current. You are given clear instructions to guide you through a potentially life-changing experience.

Some knee pain providers want you to start with more expensive programs that have little evidence to support them. Other providers want to do invasive techniques (shots/surgery) before trying conservative methods as taught in this course.


Ron Clinton has pooled his over 4 decades of clinical practice with his education and the science of rehabilitative medicine to offer consumers with a truly practical and comprehensive document on knee pain. More importantly and specifically, the "52 Tips to Self Manage Knee Pain" is written in a manner for all to consume - and apply - with ease. Consumers of this booklet may range from experienced clinicians, hoping to improve their educational points, to patients with knee pain themselves. This manuscript informs the reader and respectfully considers all angles of "why": more function, higher quality of life, less risk, and lower expense. Readers benefit in two additional, unexpected ways through this resource. The first is the many misconceptions and myths that are clearly debunked - providing all of us with the "what to do", but also unveiling what is hype and unproven. The second is that these 52 tips are about knee pain, yet persons with back pain, facing surgical recommendations, can also benefit from more than half of the applications found within. 

As a Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association, internationally-invited speaker, author, practice owner and clinician for more than three decades myself - my patients and colleagues will benefit from Mr. Clinton's work for years to come!